Write for Us

With everything going online, web development and programming have been put at the forefront of lucrative careers, especially with younger people looking for a career where there is a high demand for jobs. This creates more websites and blogs to cover information and write articles around the subject of web development and programming.

Our readers are both experienced in the field and some more in the learning process. As a writer for us, you will need to be able to cover for both sides. You will need to be able to write interesting articles for experienced readers to enjoy as pieces of entertainment and more educational articles for our readers that are still learning the ins and outs of the business.

You will need to have good knowledge of these subjects in order to write interesting and informative articles that will keep readers interested and visiting the website frequently to learn and read more.

Good knowledge around grammar and punctuation is a must as you will need to be able to write good quality pieces without any spelling, grammatical, or punctuational mistakes.

To qualify for a writing job with us, you will need to submit at least three articles about the subjects of web development and programming. One of our most-read about subjects is around the programming languages used in websites and applications.

Get in contact with us on our contact page and let us know if you believe you would be a good candidate as a writer for a web development and web programming blog. Contact us to get more information on how to apply.