Looking for reliable sources about web development and programming? Visit any of these blogs and find the information that you need. These are some of the best blogs that we found to have reliable information.

CodePen Blog

On CodePen Blog you can expect to find a helpful online community dedicated to testing and showcasing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code examples. You can also use it as an online code editor and it serves as a great learning environment for aspiring developers and programmers.


This blog is all about web design and development and provides readers with videos about HTML, Flexbox, JavaScript’s and Building games. It was founded in 2007 and back then its main focus was towards CSS. Another great feature of the blog is that they have job postings and a section for questions and comments.


Here you can learn more about Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. They bring a sense of humor and personality which is rare when learning about development and programming. Some of their features that stand out include a quiz where you can challenge yourself. They have a lot of articles published by a team of strong writers.

My Programming Blog

MPB provides programming articles and more to read about tricks, tools, and some useful shortcuts to use. Some of their informative tutorials focus on Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. Founded in 2011, it’s designed to help navigate the world of development and programming. You can also expect reviews and snippets on this blog with its tutorials.

Coding Horror

A blog loved by many in the industry and founded in 2004 by Jeff Atwood who also created Stack Overflow. It addresses different issues in software development and how it interacts with the business world.

Visiting any of these blogs frequently can teach you a lot about the world of web development and programming, including language programming and some great advice and tutorials. Whether experienced or not, you will enjoy all these blogs.