About Us

On Juliango, you can be sure to find all the information you need regarding web programming methods, advice, and how it works. We will look into all the necessary factors for you to understand the inner workings of the field and what to look out for. We will link you to more blogs and websites to read more and give insights on the best software to use.

Web Development

Web development can be explained as the work that goes into developing a website for online use. Web development can array from simple ‘text only’ pages to more advanced apps and social networking sites. Some more advanced looks into the tasks at hand can include web engineering, design, and content development.

Web development is more surrounded by coding and writing markup.

Programming Languages

A programming language can be described as a language that comprises a set of strings, producing different kinds of machine code outputs. It is used in computer programming to implement algorithms on websites and applications.

Most programming languages are built from instructions towards computers, how they should react in certain situations, and what they should do and when. Some computers also use specific instructions rather than the general programming languages.

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