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The 5 Easiest Programming Languages to Use

Language programming can be one of the most difficult tasks in web development and programming, but there are some easier languages to learn and get yourself started.

Java Script

One of the most used languages in web programming is JavaScript. Developers swear by it and so do we. With this language, you can work on the web’s most frustrating and difficult problems. Along with CSS and HTML, it’s one of the most used languages.


Python is seen as a general-purpose programming language of high-level usage. It’s a favorite with web developers and embedded application developers. A good aspect of this language is also that it is less intimidating due to its use with whitespace. Supported by a large number of programmers, you will easily be able to find help and advice around working with this language.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the language mostly used to code websites. Its often supported by CSS to decipher different styles. This language uses elements and tags to understand how images and interactive forms can be shown. It’s one of the easiest languages which makes it a good choice for new coders.


This is one of the most popular languages among back-end developers as well as security applications worldwide. It’s a general-purpose programming language designed to function in different environments.


Another general-purpose language. This language is mostly used by programmers who are still learning, which makes it the best language to use before moving on to other popular languages. Even photoshop and Windows were built using C. Understanding data structures is much easier in this language and it only has 32 keywords.